Getting Started with the Windows Mobile CE emulator and TracerPlus

Windows Mobile 6.1 Emulator Quick Start Guide


Windows Mobile 6.1 Emulator Quick Start Guide

Discover how much time, money and effort a TracerPlus mobile solution will provide before committing to the purchase of actual devices. The Windows Mobile Emulator  mimics the look and performance of the devices most commonly used with TracerPlus, and allows you to install the TracerPlus mobile client trial directly to this emulated device at no cost. Create your own mobile application or download one of our free solution center applications and deploy it to the emulation with TracerPlus Desktop. Download one of our database integration products and see how data can be transferred between the device and your existing database.

The following instructions are provided as a courtesy to users planning on learning more about TracerPlus by using the Microsoft Windows Mobile Emulator. However, due to the many variations of computer set-ups, this emulator may not work on all systems. If these instructions do not result in a functioning emulation, please contact Microsoft Support for more information.

Watch the video tutorial here


Microsoft ActiveSync for 2000/XP or Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) for Vista/7/8 is required and should be installed before proceeding.Image 1

Users planning on using Windows CE devices can still download the Windows Mobile Emulator. Although the experience will be different, interaction with TracerPlus will be similar enough for testing purposes.

Downloading and Installing the Windows Mobile Emulator Components

Click Here to download the Emulator Software.

Download the version of vs_emulator.exe that corresponds to your PC’s operating system, then double-click the downloaded file to install the program.

The application will be installed to the following default location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Device Emulator\1.0

(The version will be listed as 1.0 despite the fact that the installation notes that it is 3.0.)

Click Here to download the Windows Mobile 6.1.4 Image Files. These files are required to run the software. It is recommended that you download the Windows Mobile  6.1.4 Professional Images (USA).msi file, rather than the other choices presented.

Double-click the downloaded file to install the images. This will add the following folder to the Start Menu: Windows Mobile 6 SDK

Running the Emulation Image 2

Go to Start Menu > Windows Mobile 6 SDK > Standalone Emulator Images > U.S. English, and then select one of the emulator images listed. (For example, WM 6.1.4. Classic). This will launch the emulator, opening a window showing a mock-up of a mobile device with Windows Mobile running. However, the device is not yet “connected” to your PC. (See Image 1)

Virtually connecting the Emulated Device to your PC via ActiveSync/WMDC

Go to Start Menu > Windows Mobile 6 SDK > Tools and select Device Emulator Manager. Do not launch the Cellular Manager. If Device Emulator Manager is option is not available, Go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Device Emulator\1.0 and double-click dvcemumanager.exe to launch the Device Emulator Manager. Do not launch the DeviceEmulator.exe.

Once the Device Emulator Manager has launched, a list showing your connected device should be visible. The device will be listed as a series of numbers and dashes to Emu 3the right of a green arrow. If no device is listed in theDevice Emulator Manager window, click the refresh button. (See Image 2). Once the device is shown, click the series of numbers to highlight. With the device listing highlighted, select Cradle from the Actions menu. (See Image 3) This will launch ActiveSync and create a virtual connection between the emulated device and your PC. The ActiveSync Setup Wizard will also launch. Creating this setup is not required to maintain a connection and the Setup Wizard can be cancelled.

If ActiveSync (or Windows Mobile Device Center for Vista/7 users) does not start automatically, then launch the software manually and open the Connection Settings window. Confirm that DMA is selected in the Allow connections to one of the following: drop down, and that the corresponding checkbox is enabled.

Installing TracerPlus on your Emulated Device

Download, install and launch TracerPlus Desktop.

Confirm that the emulator is running and connected to your PC via ActiveSync.

Select Install TracerPlus to Device from the TracerPlus Desktop Tools menu.

Follow the onscreen prompts.