Bar Code Scanning, RFID, NFC, Re-Branding and More.

Features Developed for Mobile Workers

TracerPlus Barcode

Mobile Barcode Scanning

For more than 15 years, TracerPlus has been the leading tool for developing mobile barcode scanning applications. TracerPlus customers from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies to small businesses have created and deployed thousands of enterprise class bar code applications on mobile handhelds and barcode scanners of all makes and models, all over the world  (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows CE).

TracerPlus RFID

Mobile RFID Scanning

With TracerPlus, mobile RFID is simple and affordable. TracerPlus makes it easy for organizations of any size to implement RFID into their current processes and systems. Track valuable assets. Collect real-time data on attendees at functions. Exponentially cut inventory times and costs with feature like our built in "Geiger" Tag Locator. Compatible with most Zebra mobile RFID readers.

TracerPlus NFC

Mobile NFC Scanning

TracerPlus supports NFC on most Android phones and tablets. Now your organization can take full advantage of HF RFID technology within TracerPlus applications, adding security and speed to tracking solutions, and opening up new possibilities for business transactions.

TracerPlus Publishing

TracerPlus Publisher - OEM Tools

When you build an application with TracerPlus, you can make it yours. Add your company's branding, create custom applications for re-sale, incorporate enterprise deployment features, and more with TracerPlus Re-Brand; the only mobile OEM builder that requires no programming and gives full branding control to your organization! 

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