Portable Technology Solutions, the developers of TracerPlus, offer various partnership opportunities for independent software vendors (ISVs), value added resellers (VARS), integrators, and hardware manufacturers. All TracerPlus programs focus on improving the sales and implementation experience and providing maximum ROI for our customers. Please see below to learn more about our partnership opportunities or call us directly at 1-877-640-4152 to get started today.

Become a TracerPlus Authorized Reseller

The TracerPlus Reseller program is designed for VARs who want to differentiate themselves by offering a complete solution to their customers with mobile workforces. The greater a VAR’s commitment to selling TracerPlus-powered solutions, the greater the program benefits it receives.

Become a TracerPlus Integrator

TracerPlus mobile solutions share data with a wide variety of management and database systems. The flexibility and horizontal nature of TracerPlus results in a strong demand for integration specialists. The TracerPlus Integrator program focuses on matching the integration needs of TracerPlus customers with approved TracerPlus Integrators.

TracerPlus ISV Program

The TracerPlus ISV program enables ISVs to offer affordable, custom branded, enterprise-class mobile solutions with minimum upfront investment. Portable Technology Solutions understands that every industry has a unique set of challenges and our program makes it easier for ISVs to meet their customers’ individual needs. By offering a complete, end-to-end software solution-featuring a best-in-class mobile application-ISVs can maximize their customers’ investments as well as their own.

Become a TracerPlus Validated or API Validated Hardware Solution

PTS invites qualified mobile device and complementary accessory manufactures to join in delivering TracerPlus-powered mobile solutions to our mutual customers. TracerPlus Validated and API Validated Hardware Solutions provide customers with a wide variety of options that will meet their individual mobile deployment needs.