QuickStart Guide & Resources

Mobile Application development has never been so easy. Take a look at the steps below to see how quickly you can get up and running.

Get Started: Deploy Your First App

Getting started with TracerPlus is a breeze! Download the free software and deploy your first app to start collecting mobile data. Watch our video or follow the steps below to start using custom apps in minutes. Creating enterprise class mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile has never been so easy.


Download and Install TracerPlus Desktop

The free to use mobile app design tool.


Design Your Mobile Application

Choose from our mobile app library, or create an application from scratch.


Install TracerPlus on Your Mobile Device

Open TracerPlus Desktop and navigate to:
Tools > Install TracerPlus to Device > Select Platform (Android or Windows or iOS)


Deploy Mobile App to Your Device

Click 'Build Deploy' at the bottom left. Select platform from the dialogue and click 'Deploy'.

Open Office Hours

We are here to help our customers with TracerPlus related questions. Drop into one of our Open Office sessions and talk LIVE with our support specialists. Dial in any time during the scheduled hour to join!


Register for a Webinar

PTS offers a series of informative TracerPlus webinars on mobile app design for Android, Windows Mobile, iOS (coming soon), mobile data collection technology (AIDC - barcode and RFID), and mobile to database integration. PTS webinars frequently feature industry experts who offer their insight on the latest mobile software and hardware trends.

Training Video Library

We offer an extensive playlist of enterprise data collection video resources online. These videos will help all of our users get the most out of their mobile application development. Drastically reducing the time required to develop and learn mobile enterprise application development. These videos cover the basics to the advanced, and are available to all of our users.

Custom Solution

Are you the type that would rather leave the setup to the experts, or maybe just short on time? The TracerPlus Session Setup Service is designed for you. In typically under two weeks PTS will work with you to create an enterprise class mobile data collection application that can even include your company's branding.