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Deploy your custom forms to Android, iOS, Windows PCs or Windows Mobile/CE devices.


TracerPlus Mobile Client

Custom Mobile Software Apps for any APPLICATION

TracerPlus provides the flexible and easy to use mobile software platform for your Android, iOS, Windows PCs and Windows Mobile barcode terminals, phones and enterprise class digital assistants. Whether it be asset tracking, warehouse inventory, mobile inspections, on-site repair service, or any other number of business operations, TracerPlus redefines how you track, move, and manage your data.

Deploy your projects quickly and easily: After creating your custom mobile application in TracerPlus Desktop, you can quickly and easily deploy it to your mobile device in a variety of ways. You can connect your device with a cradle or cable, or even deploy by simply scanning a QR code with the camera on your device (supported on Android and iOS only). Deployment takes only moments, and unlike any other custom application development software there is no need to wait for updates from the creator, because you are the creator! 

Simplify your system: Convert your cumbersome paper and clipboard method to an electronic and automated system that saves time, removes redundancy, and prevents costly errors. When it comes to making sure all of your users have the correct forms, there is no more getting lost in a sea of paper. Now simply deploy the new project once to all of your devices, and ensure that all of your users are working on the same (electronic) page.


Compatible Hardware

TracerPlus supports a wide variety of hardware and mobile devices. This includes enterprise class barcode scanners, RFID readers, and consumer devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. TracerPlus goes beyond simply running on these devices as well. In many cases, TracerPlus supports the integrated barcode, RFID, and NFC readers built into the device. This opens up your development into enterprise grade mobile apps. We maintain a list of supported and tested devices below, but TracerPlus runs on most Android, iOS, Windows PC and Windows Mobile/CE devices.

TracerPlus mobile apps running on Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile/CE

Features and Benefits of Deployment

ON TracerPlus mobile for Android, iOS, WINDOWS PCs and Windows Mobile/CE

Enterprise class data capture features including LogicBarcodeRFIDNFC, BLE BeaconsGPSDrop Down ListsRadio ButtonsSignature and Image capture.

Flexibly deploy with multiple methods, such as via a cradle, cable, or QR code.

Ensure all of your users are working off of the same version of the form; no more old or outdated paper forms.

Deploy remotely, users can receive updated forms even without being connected.

Support Resources:

Need help getting started? Use the many free online resources we provide, or take a look at our premium support options to get started even faster.


Premium Support

TracerPlus enables users to take advantage of 1D and 2D barcode technology through the use of the devices built in barcode scanner or camera if no built in scanner.

With TracerPlus Mobile RFID, inventories that used to take weeks can now be done in a day. With our built in Tag Locator (Geiger), assets have never been easier to find. Compatible with most Zebra mobile RFID readers.

TracerPlus supports NFC on most Android phones and tablets. Take advantage of HF RFID technology and add a new level of security and speed to your tracking solutions.