TracerPlus RFID Scanning Mobile App Development

RFID Scanning is a powerful tool, learn how you can make it work for you.


RFID Scanning Mobile Application Development

For iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile/CE Devices

TracerPlus with Mobile RFID Tag Scanning capabilities makes it simple for Anyone to track virtually Anything. Inventories that took months now take weeks; those that took weeks now take days and those that took days now take hours. Coupling the efficiencies of RFID with dropping costs of implementing RFID present a great opportunity for customers.

Since offering RFID done the right way, in our 7.0 release, we have assisted countless customers in achieving unmatched ROIs with RFID. Customers tell us daily about how they no longer have to climb ladders to scan barcodes, move pallets to find a quantity or pull a barcode scanner trigger 1000 times to get a count.



RFID Success Stories with TracerPlus

Features and Benefits

of TracerPlus Desktop mobile application development

Mass Tag Scanning / Multi Scan - Read 1000's of RFID Tags Per Minute


Geiger - Locate lost and hard to find items via RFID


Scan and Print - Scan Barcodes and Instantly Print RFID Tags


Write - Encode RFID tags from TracerPlus, including EPC and User Memory Banks


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TracerPlus enables users to take advantage of 1D and 2D barcode technology through the use of the devices built in barcode scanner or camera if no built in scanner.

With TracerPlus Mobile RFID, inventories that used to take weeks can now be done in a day. With our built in Tag Locator (Geiger), assets have never been easier to find. Compatible with most Zebra mobile RFID readers.

TracerPlus supports NFC on most Android phones and tablets. Take advantage of HF RFID technology and add a new level of security and speed to your tracking solutions.