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NFC scanning is much easier to use due to its tap-and-scan technology. While barcode scanning requires you to hold your device or the barcode just right to capture the code, NFC requires only a light tap of the tag-embedded item to your device.

With Android phones, there’s no need to purchase a special reading device because NFC scanners come standard. Simply tap your Android device to an embedded NFC tag and you’ll pull data from the ID card, ticket or label.

Watch Howie from PTS demonstrate the use and benefits of NFC Scanning Mobile Apps!

NFC Applications

of TracerPlus Desktop Mobile Application Development

Asset Tracking
Security Rounds
Equipment Maintenance
Employee Tracking
Student and Daycare Check-in /Check-out
Event Check-In

NFC vs. UHF RFID Technology Basics

As a subset of HF RFID, NFC operates at 13.56 MHz and typically requires very close proximity to scan - 1 to 6 inches. NFC radios are low cost and can be found on most smartphones.

While UHF operates at 856-960 MHz and a has a much larger range depending on the tag and the reader - between 1 to 40 feet - the technology is much more expensive requiring specialized readers compared to consumer grade devices. 

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