TracerPlus is compatible with all Janam Android and Windows Mobile/CE devices

TracerPlus Compatible Devices Manufactured by Janam

TracerPlus is certified to run on a wide variety of Barcode Terminals, Mobile Computers and Tablets manufactured by Janam. TracerPlus' ability to run on Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded Handheld, Windows CE and Android OS devices offer our users, partners and solution provider's unsurpassed flexibility for both initial implementation of mobile workflows and with upgrading systems over time. TracerPlus solutions have been successfully tested and proven in the field with the Janam hardware below.

Compatible Devices

Don't see your device, don't worry. Most likely TracerPlus will run on it.

Device Manufacturer Model Operating System Screen Resolution Comment Device Review
Janam XT2 Android 5.1 P: 720 x 1130 / L: 1280 x 580 Drop downs not deploying via MTP. Works when using web deploy. Device Review
Janam XM75 Android 6
Janam XT100 Android 6
Janam XG200 Android 7
Janam XT3 Android 9
Janam XT200 Android 8
Janam XG4 Android 9