Enterprise Class Mobile Computing vs. Consumer Devices

The Reasons for Ruggedness: Consumer v. Enterprise Class Hardware

With the explosion of hi-tech mobile devices, smartphones and now tablets into the market, many businesses see the potential of using these fast and user-friendly handhelds in upgrading their operations in the field. But are these consumer level devices up to the task?

Hosted by PTS and featuring a expert from Motorola, this presentation delves into the real vs. perceived costs of different devices, actual deployment examples and the importance of the product life cycle.


  • The meaning of ruggedness.
  • The manufacturers intended use of consumer level devices.
  • Cost comparison -real vs. perceived costs.
  • Real stories & experiences with non-rugged devices in the field.

Mobile Barcode Scanning

TracerPlus enables users to take advantage of 1D and 2D barcode technology through the use of the devices built in barcode scanner or camera if no built in scanner.

Mobile RFID Scanning

With TracerPlus Mobile RFID, inventories that used to take weeks can now be done in a day. With our built in Tag Locator (Geiger), assets have never been easier to find. Compatible with most Zebra mobile RFID readers.

Mobile NFC Scanning

TracerPlus supports NFC on most Android phones and tablets. Take advantage of HF RFID technology and add a new level of security and speed to your tracking solutions.