Zebra TC8000 Android Barcode Scanner

Device Review

The Zebra TC8000 is the ground-breaking all new warehouse mobile computer designed to deliver revolutionary productivity increases in the warehouse. In fact, on average, it saves 14% per worker versus traditional form factors, it’s like gaining an extra hour of productivity, per worker, per day. It’s the only device on the market that simplifies it all; how your workers physically use the device and interact with your warehouse application.

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Device Reviewed: TC80NH-1101K420NA Premium(4" WVGA, Android 4.4.3, 1.7GHz Dual Core, 1GB/8GB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 8MP Rear Camera, NFC, 2D Barcode Imager) - View Full Specs

What we like about it:

  • Innovative design for scanning while viewing device screen and is comfortable to hold and use.
  • Runs our TracerPlus software without issue and good overall device performance/speed
  • Rugged design with its 8ft drop to concrete per MIL-STD 810G and 6ft across full operating temperature range.
  • Lots of features (Camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, 6700 mAh Battery, 6ft drop spec).
  • Hot swappable battery allows you to pause what you are doing, change the battery and resume once replaced with no need to reboot.

What we didn't like about it:

  • Unable to deploy TracerPlus apps via MTP although Web deploy worked without issues. This may be a File System issue.
  • For_Import folder not accessible and Exported folder not always showing up in Windows Explorer when device is connected.
  • At $3395.00 MSRP, this device is more expensive than we would like to see based on what is offered.


The Zebra TC8000 Industrial Mobile Touch Computer is the right solution for bar code centric applications that will benefit from its innovative design. It sports an impressive feature set including a fast 1.7 GHz Dual Core Processor, NFC, Wi-Fi, cameras and an extensive set of interactive sensors. TracerPlus looks and runs very smooth on this device. We here at PTS would recommend this device to anyone looking for a rugged device with an ergonomic design to help increase productivity in warehouse applications.

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Operating System
Android 4.4.3
TracerPlus Form Size
P: 480 x 695 / L: 800 x 400
Zebra TC8000 Android Barcode Scanner