Zebra TC70 Rugged Barcode Terminal

Device Review

The Zebra TC70 rugged barcode terminal is a professional-grade Android device built from the ground up for the enterprise featuring an advanced 1D/2D scan engine with longer range data capture capability and a dual mode touch panel for bare finger and glove use.

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Device Reviewed: TC700H-KC11ES-NA (4.7" HD, Android 4.4.2, 1.7GHz Dual Core, 1GB/8GB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 1.3Mp Front / 8MP Rear Camera, NFC, 2D Barcode Imager) - View Full Specs

What we like about it:

  • Excellent scanning performance with its 2D Imager scanner.
  • Runs our TracerPlus software without issue and no problems deploying projects via MTP.
  • Lightweight and rugged form factor.
  • Lots of features (Scanner, Camera, Wi-Fi, GPS).
  • Big display (4.7 in 1280x720 HD), with a very responsive screen.

What we didn't like about it:

  • The charging apparatus is bulky and confusing. The device needs both a USB and AC connection to fully charge, and both are combined into the same charging cable. There is a charging cradle for this device, which does correct most of these complaints.
  • There is only one scan button, and it is located on the left side of the device. Most users will hold the device in their left hand, which makes the scan button only accessible with the thumb at an awkward angle.
  • This device costs $200 more than devices of similar size and ruggedness.
  • No WAN option - if you need WAN you will need to upgrade to the TC75, which will increase the price point even further.


The TC70 is an excellent device. It has all the features you want for rugged enterprise, while still being lightweight and reasonably sized. It sports a pretty extensive feature list including a very snappy 1.7 GHz Dual Core Processor, NFC, 1D/2D imager, and front/back cameras. TracerPlus looks and runs very smooth on this device. We here at PTS would recommend this device to anyone looking for a larger rugged device for enterprise applications inside the 4 walls.

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Operating System
Android 4.4.2, 5.1
TracerPlus Form Size
P: 720 x 1140 / L: 1280 x 580
Zebra TC70 Rugged Barcode Terminal