Zebra TC56

Device Review

The Zebra TC 56/51 Android Touch Computer is a newer Zebra Device, built with a manageable form factor while still maintaining all of the power and features that a consumer would expect from a Zebra device.

Watch our review of the Zebra TC51/56 Android Touch Computer

What we like about it: 

  • Excellent performance with a Snapdragon 650 64 bit hexa core processor.
  • Great scanning performance with an integrated 2D barcode scanner.
  • Sleek and lightweight formfactor.
  • Long battery life for a full 8 hour shift.
  • WAN available on the TC56.

What we didn't like about it:

  • No Verizon support.
  • Cradle requires power in order to connect to PC via USB MTP.


The Zebra TC51/56 is the latest sleek Android device from Zebra Technologies. This device offers aggressive built in 2D barcode scanning functionality with the convenience of both a WiFi only and WAN enabled option. After testing this device using our TracerPlus software we can easily see this is a powerful fully featured device that supports all the functionality of our TracerPlus software. Quickly scan barcodes, NFC tags, or take pictures with the built in 13 megapixel camera. We ran this device through the paces with all of the features of TracerPlus we could throw at it, and the 1.8 Ghz Snapdragon processor didn’t bat an eye.

If you are looking for an Android device with a great barcode scanner and certified to run our TracerPlus software look no further than the Zebra TC51/56.

Operating System
Android 6.0.1
TracerPlus Form Size
P: 720 x 1045 / L: 1185 x 580
Zebra TC 51/56