Unitech PA520 Rugged Enterprise PDA

Device Review

The Unitech PA520 is a PDA-style device slim enough for a shirt pocket and tough enough for the field. More durable and rugged than a consumer-grade device, the PA520 proves that high-performing technology can come in an affordable package.

Model Tested: PA520-9S60UVDG


  • Very good scanning performance with its 1D laser scanner.
  • Very responsive capacitive touchscreen.
  • Small and lightweight.


  • Very Difficult to attach the handstrap – Had to tie some dental floss to it to snake it through.
  • USB connector seems like it could be prone to breaking/bending.
  • On screen keyboard tough to use with lack of stylus. Couldn’t find any settings to adjust key sizes.
  • Device has a cheap feeling to it for what it costs. Just by feel and look I would expect this device to cost around $500.


The PA520 works well with TracerPlus and overall seems like a good device for moderate to heavy scanning in an office environment without costing too much. We still wish price could be lower for how the device looks and feels.

Operating System
Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5
TracerPlus Form Size
240 x 268
Unitech PA520 Compatible with TracerPlus Mobile Software