CipherLab RS50 Android Barcode Scanner

Device Review

The CipherLab RS50 is a device that perfectly blends personal usability and commercial smartphone functionality running Android 6.0 with GMS certification. The RS50 supports various data collection methods including 1D/2D barcodes, RFID, document, photos/videos, and NFC applications streamlining data capture with a single device.

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Specs: AS50U2BS50001 (4.7" HD, Android 6.0 GMS, 8MP Camera, NFC, Octa Core CPU, 2GB/16GB, Wi-Fi, WAN, GPS, Bluetooth, 2D Barcode Imager) - View Full Specs

What we like about it:

  • Excellent scanning performance with its 2D Barcode Imager.
  • Runs our TracerPlus software without issue and no problems deploying projects via MTP or QR Code.
  • Ultra-Rugged design with its 6ft drop to concrete spec while not being much larger than the RS30.
  • Lots of features including 4.7” QHD display, 802.11ac, LTE WAN, NFC, 2D Scanner, Camera and GPS for a low price compared to other manufacturer’s offerings of the same caliber.
  • Excellent and snappy device speed throughout the Android OS and our TracerPlus software with its Octa Core CPU and 2GB Ram.

What we didn't like about it:

  • Scanner integration done for previous RS30 did not work on RS50. This was due to device name being Mobiwire instead of CipherLab. We had to make changes to code to allow this to work for Mobiwire which is less than ideal.
  • Scan buttons on both sides would have been preferred.


The CipherLab RS50 Rugged Android barcode terminal is packed with loads of features at a very good price point. It is not much larger than their RS30 device and adds extra ruggedness withstanding 6ft drops to concrete. When using with TracerPlus we found that all features worked as intended and deploying projects via MTP worked without issue. Device performance was excellent with its Octa core processor and 2GB of ram and should handle any application with ease. We only wish CipherLab would stop changing how apps access the barcode scanner with new releases.

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Operating System
Android 6.0
TracerPlus Form Size
P: 720 x 1140 / L: 1280 x 580
CipherLab RS50 Android Barcode Scanner