CipherLab RS31 Android Barcode Scanner

Device Review

For enterprises that would like to adopt a smartphone to the daily operation of customer-facing mobile workers, the CipherLab RS31's friendliness in operation and reliability in wireless communication make it an optimal tool for mobile workers.

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Specs: AS31ECCBDBS01 w/ Android 7 GMS - View Full Specs

What we like about it:

  • Good scanning performance with its 1D CCD Linear Imager. Also offers 1D laser and 2D Imager options and would anticipate excellent performance on those.
  • Runs our TracerPlus software without issue and no problems deploying projects via MTP or QR Code.
  • Rugged design with its 4ft drop to concrete spec and is IP67 sealed in a small, lightweight form factor.
  • Lots of features including 4.7” HD display, Wi-Fi, LTE WAN, NFC, 1D Scanner, 8MP Camera and GPS, all for a very low price compared to other manufacturer’s offerings of the same caliber.
  • Excellent and snappy device speed throughout the Android OS and our TracerPlus software.

What we didn't like about it:

  • Doesn’t support Ethernet connectivity via 3rd party adapter which is useful for clients that can’t use Wi-Fi.
  • Upgrades to the scanner API can sometimes break scanner integrations including when using TracerPlus.


  • NFC wasn’t working with the initial OS build however after updating to the latest and factory resetting it is now working.


The CipherLab RS31 Android barcode terminal is the next generation of the highly successful RS30. The RS31 is more durable than its predecessor and offers Android 7.0 while still maintaining the same low price point. Like the RS30, the RS31 is packed with loads of features as stated above. When using with TracerPlus we found that all features worked as intended and deploying projects via MTP worked without issue. Device performance was excellent with its Quad core processor and 2GB of ram and should handle any application with ease. We only wish CipherLab would stop changing how scanner API is upgraded.

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Operating System
Android 6.0
TracerPlus Form Size
540 x 845
CipherLab RS31 Android Barcode Scanner