TracerPlus Solution Center

The TracerPlus Solution Center is an online library of mobile applications that are Free to Try and Easily Customized with our TracerPlus Desktop software. Simply import into TracerPlus Desktop and deploy to your Windows Mobile, CE or Android mobile device or tablet.


Asset Tracking

Track everything from IT equipment to furniture, using our prebuilt asset tracking applications.

Asset Tracking

Keep track of inventory using barcode and RFID scanning with our pre-built applications.

Mobile Inspections

Need to make sure something is up to code? Try using one of our mobile inspection forms.

Event Tracking

Not sure who is allowed in or not? Use one of our event tracking apps and know right away.

Field Service

Don't let scribble slow you down. Move that service form to a smart device and send out that invoice today.

Route Accounting

With our large selection of route accounting apps, start scanning your own packages today.


Want to enhance your customer's experience in the store? Check out these retail apps that are ready to go.


All the random, sometimes fun stuff we didn't know where else to put.

Looking for someone to build the perfect app for you? Click Here. (Enable Pop-ups)

Windows Mobile Applications - Inventory, Fixed Asset, Inspection and More

Getting Started with the Solution Center App Library

Watch a video on deploying a project from the online solution center

Watch the video to the left or follow the instructions below to delpoy pre-made applications from our online solution center.

  1. Download TracerPlus Desktop (Free), and install to your PC.
  2. Connect your Windows Mobile or Android device to your PC. (No device? click here)
  3. Install the TracerPlus Mobile Client from within TracerPlus Desktop by selecting the "Install TracerPlus to Device" option from the Tools menu. Android users Click Here to download the .apk file.
  4. Browse our Solution Center for a mobile application, download, import into TracerPlus Desktop, then deploy to your device. (You can also browse the same collection within TracerPlus Desktop by selecting "Samples" from the Welcome screen).
  5. Deploy any of these free mobile applications to your device, experiment with customizing them or demo to customers.

*Print These Instructions