Portable Technology Solutions, LLC Introduces Online Solution Center; Announces the Release of TracerPlus 5.0 and Upgrades to all Windows Mobile/CE Companion Products

Announces the Release of TracerPlus 5.0 and Upgrades to all Windows Mobile/CE Companion Products

Calverton, NY: Portable Technology Solutions, LLC (PTS), a leading provider of mobile data collection software and systems, announced today the launch of the TracerPlus Solution Center at www.tracerplus.com in conjunction with the release of version 5.0 of TracerPlus for Windows Mobile. TracerPlus is the company’s flagship mobile data collection tool. PTS has also released version 5.0 of TracerPlus Wireless Server and TracerPlus ODBC Link. Lastly, PTS announced the highly anticipated upgrade to TracerPlus Desktop; version 5.1. The concurrent releases represent a full upgrade to PTS’s line of Windows Mobile/CE centric software.

The Solution Center’s primary purpose is to supply both existing and new users of TracerPlus with ready-to use, fully operational mobile applications at no cost. These pre-configured applications will make it even easier for users to launch asset tracking, inventory management, inspection processes and more. The Solution Center is expected to grow over time with additional free applications added by PTS and eventually by other users as well.

TracerPlus 5.0 new features and enhancements include the addition of Camera/Image capture capabilities, expanded customization abilities including RFID configuration, support for project import into TracerPlus Desktop, increase in record capacity from 20k to over 100k, streamlined SQLCE database support, improved interface and integrated wireless capabilities among other improvements.

Version 5.1 of TracerPlus Desktop now includes extensive import/export features designed to make sharing and editing existing TracerPlus mobile applications more accessible. Currently available as a free download, the initial focus of TracerPlus Desktop was to allow TracerPlus users to create mobile forms on the PC and deploy them to mobile devices. The addition of the import/export feature now makes it possible to share existing applications via the TracerPlus.com Solution Center, through user to user exchange and by importing existing TracerPlus 5.0 applications from the PDA. Older mobile apps can also be imported by first upgrading to TracerPlus 5.0.

The PTS data integration tools, TracerPlus Wireless Server and TracerPlus ODBC Link also received a face-lift. SQLCE database support upgrades, Image capture field support and integration with TracerPlus 5.0 represent the most important aspects of these upgrades.

All of the new products are available for download at www.tracerplus.com. TracerPlus Desktop remains a free application, while TracerPlus, TracerPlus ODBC Link and TracerPlus Wireless Server are offered as trials.