M3 Mobile OX10 RFID Industrial PDA Achieves TracerPlus Validation from Portable Technology Solutions

M3 Mobile OX10 RFID Industrial PDA Achieves TracerPlus Validation

Calverton, NY: Portable Technology Solutions (PTS) announced today that the M3 Mobile OX10 UHF RFID mobile terminal successfully completed TracerPlus Validation testing. “M3 customers now have the ability to create mobile UHF RFID applications for virtually any need, without programming,” Paul Johnston, M3 Sales Director for the UK, said of the announcement. “Resellers can also create apps for the OX10 and considerably shorten their sales cycle.”

Portable Technology Solutions Account Manager Kristin Comeau added, “PTS is constantly striving to offer its customers more options for their deployments. Whether it’s mobile application features, hardware platforms, capabilities, or backend database integration choices, we are always investing. This validation gives customers another significant choice for their UHF mobile RFID deployments.”

The OX10 includes both UHF reading capabilities and an aggressive barcode imager. PTS lead developer Howard Heckman, who participated in the validation process, noted, “The M3, coupled with TracerPlus barcode and UHF chip-scanning capabilities, gives customers a flexible tool capable of quickly reading both barcode and UHF-labeled items. The solution is extremely agile and can be easily configured for various vertical applications such as retail and IT asset management.”

Portable Technology Solutions and M3 Mobile agree that the new software-hardware combination will be a popular choice for customers in their respective European markets. Portable Technology Solutions CEO Brad Horn said,” Our international users have different hardware requirements than our US customers. In UHF RFID there are regulatory requirements that must be met depending on the region. M3 mobile is strongly positioned in the European market and understands the unique needs of European customers, which will enable our customers to quickly solve their UHF hardware support questions.”

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