Mobile App Tools for every need

Mobile app tools for every need

TracerPlus resources help you build the ultimate mobile app for your business

Across industries, companies like yours have discovered TracerPlus, the tool empowering you to create a mobile application that helps build your business.

TracerPlus bridges the gap between off-the-shelf and custom apps, offering customization, competitive advantage, scalability, and support, without the risk and high cost.

Whether you’ve just made the decision to use TracerPlus, or you’re deep into app development, TracerPlus provides a host of free tools and resources to help you get the most from the tool and your mobile app.

In this article, we examine common needs and questions during the mobile app development process, and identify TracerPlus tools that can help.

Tools for every need

"I need to add a feature"

As you’re working on your app through TracerPlus, you may have questions about adding key features, such as data parsing, signature capture, email and text reporting, mobile printing, or integration with Microsoft Excel, Oracle, MySQL server, Microsoft Access, and SQL Server.

No matter your question, two easy-to-search TracerPlus libraries will have the answer.

  • Knowledgebase: The TracerPlus Knowledgebase is an extensive database of in-depth articles on the software tool, key features to add to your app, and much more. A simple navigation menu organized by topic can help you identify the right path (and trigger new ideas!).
  • Video library: Through the TracerPlus video library of training and tutorial videos, you’ll find overviews on getting started, deep dives into specific features, step-by-step tutorials, and much more. Check out the “feature focus videos” for quick hits highlighting key features.

"I need an app NOW

Your company wants the benefits of enterprise mobile apps for asset tracking, inventory management, or a host of other uses, and wants them now. Enlist two powerful tools to get you up and running:

  • Quick Start Apps: In the TracerPlus Solution Center, you’ll find dozens of pre-made, free applications ready for your use. These can all be downloaded into your TracerPlus desktop program and deployed immediately or modified for your needs. All are free to try; pay only when you deploy. Choose from apps for:
    • Asset tracking
    • Inventory management
    • Mobile inspections
    • Event tracking
    • Field service
    • Route accounting
    • Retail
  • Session Set Up Services: Short on time and resources? Let TracerPlus develop an app for you. A certified TracerPlus Solution Architect will lead you through the process, including finalizing a scope of work, delivering an application to your specs, and testing the app. The process usually takes two weeks.

"I need help with one last thing"

As you near the finish line of developing your app, you may need an extra push. TracerPlus offers two ways to get personalized solutions to those last sticky issues:

  • Fast Track Training: If your app is ready to go, but you just can’t get some final things to function properly, ask your questions in live calls with TracerPlus Solution Architects. Choose between 2-, 4-, and 8-hour calls, after which you can access free recordings to consult later. Get personal, one-on-one consultations on topics including:
    • Printing
    • Barcode Parsing
    • Email Reporting / SMS
    • Logic
    • RFID
    • Lookup / Calculations
    • Form Navigation
    • Connect Configuration
  • Support tickets: For even more personal consultation on issues and questions, reach out to a TracerPlus support team member through tickets.

"I want to learn by doing"

TracerPlus is designed to be simple, intuitive, and powerful. If you’re the type of learner who likes to explore and teach yourself, using some of the tools described above are a perfect means to do it:

  • Use the Video Library for overviews and step-by-step tutorials
  • Use the Quick Start Apps to develop free test applications
  • Use the Knowledgebase for answering key questions and sparking ideas
  • Use the Fast Track Training for live answers to queries, and to learn the software

Your complete solution

TracerPlus puts control in your hands, empowering you with tools to help you build the best mobile app for your business. And with our built-in partnership with Zebra Technologies, TracerPlus offers you another tool: instant validation on nearly all Zebra mobile devices and printers, including RFID technologies. As a result, you can create a full solution.

To learn more about all the tools available to you with TracerPlus, visit

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