TracerPlus Webinars - Learn to Develop Mobile Apps for Android and Windows Mobile

PTS offers a series of informative TracerPlus webinars on mobile app design for Android, Windows Mobile, iOS (coming soon), mobile data collection technology (AIDC - barcode and RFID), and mobile to database integration. PTS webinars frequently feature industry experts who offer their insight on the latest mobile software and hardware trends.

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Learn how to get a head start in building a custom mobile data collection app that's perfect for your company's needs

One of our experts will show how easy it is to get started creating enterprise class mobile apps with TracerPlus.

  • Using the online app center to deploy pre-made applications for Windows Mobile and Android.
  • Developing customized mobile applications from scratch.
  • Utilizing Barcode and RFID technology for data capture.
  • Feature focused training that can be used as tutorials.
  • Sharing data with your mobile workforce.

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Tuesday, March 6th
11:00 AM EST

How to Develop Barcode and RFID Apps Without Programming.

Fixed RFID Webinars with ClearStream RFID

Webinars en Español

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