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Step 2: TracerPlus Mobile Client

Custom Mobile Software Apps for any Solution

TracerPlus provides the flexible, powerful, and easy to use mobile software platform for your Android and Windows Mobile barcode terminals, phones and enterprise class digital assistants. Whether it be asset tracking, warehouse inventory, mobile inspections, on-site repair service, or any other number of business operations, TracerPlus redefines how you track, move and manage your data.

Simplify your system: Convert your cumbersome paper and clipboard method to an efficient electronic and automated system that saves time, removes redundancy, and prevents costly errors.

Make the switch quickly and painlessly: In the past mobile development took weeks, even months to complete. With TracerPlus, your system can now be created in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. TracerPlus is available in both Standard and Professional editions, allowing you to deploy mobile applications with the features you need, on the mobile devices you prefer, and at the price you can afford.

Trial TracerPlus w/ Starter Apps from the Google Play Store.

Custom Mobile Software Apps for any Solution

Features and benefits

  • Create apps for Android OS, Windows Mobile, CE and barcode and RFID terminals, devices, smartphones and tablets. Compatibility List
  • Enterprise class data capture features including Logic, Barcode, RFID, NFC, GPS, Drop Down Lists, Radio Buttons, Signature and Image capture.
  • Create up to 32 fully customized forms per device.
  • For 100s of Pre-Built Apps for Asset Tracking through Meter Reading, Visit our Online Solution Center.
  • View the complete TracerPlus Std. vs. Pro Feature Matrix.

View the newest TracerPlus Features Including NFC Support

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Learn More about what TracerPlus does and how it can help your business.

TracerPlus at a Glance:
Learn More about what TracerPlus does and how it can help your business.


System Requirements: A Mobile Device or Tablet running Android 6.x, 5.x, 4.x, 3.x, 2.2 and up, Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, Windows Embedded CE 7.0, Windows Embedded CE 6.0, Windows Mobile 6.x, Windows CE 6.0, Windows Mobile 5.x, Windows CE 5.x, Windows Mobile 2003; TracerPlus Desktop is required to create and deploy applications.

Compatibility: Version numbers of the TracerPlus Mobile Client must match version numbers of TracerPlus Desktop for interoperability.