TracerPlus Version 9 - Now with Conditional Logic

TracerPlus Version 9 - Android and Windows Mobile Software Development Tool

TracerPlus 9.5 is Now Available for Android and Windows Mobile / CE

TracerPlus 9.5 is now available for download. TracerPlus Desktop makes it easy for anyone to create mobile data collection applications for both Windows Mobile and Android based devices. Version 9 features many new enhancements to the TracerPlus product suite including Conditional Form Logic, NFC and Date Math. Listed below are just some of the new features found in TracerPlus Desktop, the TracerPlus Mobile Client and TracerPlus Connect.

  • New in 9.5 Native support added for Zebra RFD8500 Bluetooth RFID sled.
  • New in 9.5 Project web deploy now available via QR code scanning (Android Only).
  • New in 9.5 User Logins can now reference a TracerPlus session for login validation and logged in status.
  • New in 9.2 Mobile NFC added for Android OS devices with built in NFC.
  • New in 9.2 Native Barcode Scanner Support added for CipherLab Android, Windows Mobile and CE devices.
  • TracerPlus Desktop Publisher Edition allows you to brand your own TracerPlus apps.
  • OBD2 support added via Bluetooth for OBD2 vehicle inspections.
  • Auto-Licensing: Auto license of Device and Connect via web request.
  • TracerPlus Connect Live Mode performance enhancements.
  • Print and Messaging now allows multiple reports per session.
  • Conditional Logic: Allows a huge amount of control over presentation and processing of data based on dynamic variables.
  • Date Math: Allows for date addition/subtraction for calculations of things like expiration date, etc.
  • Drop Downs can now store a Database value independently from Display value.
  • Toggle Input Button action: Control the input type of a field by using this button.
  • Form Auto Resize: Form will now auto scale on Android to best fit the screen.

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