Customer Success Stories and Testimonials

Bike Lane employee using a Zebra MC919Z w/ TracerPlus Geiger loaded to Locate Inventory.

Bike Lane

Locating Inventory with RFID

“With 350 to 400 boxes stored on shelving, I would spend about 15 to 30 minutes locating a box, often walking the eight aisles twice and moving boxes around. We needed a very simple system to utilize every space.”

“Now when we receive inventory we tag each box with a preprogrammed/printed tag and put the box wherever it fits, which lets us use any convenient empty location. Finding a box is a simple point-and-shoot operation – the varying beep of the Geiger Counter narrows in very quickly on the box. During our busy ‘preseason’ we get a lot of overflow inventory that we stack in the aisles, one box in front of another – and now there’s no problem locating the ‘hidden’ boxes.”

How much of a difference has the TracerPlus Geiger Counter made for Bike Lane? “It’s extremely useful in our daily operation. We could not live without it!”

— Herb Beimgraben, Co-owner
Bike Lane

Arundel Machine Tool employee performing a gage scan with TracerPlus.

Arundel Machine Tool

Real Time Tool and Gage Tracking

In search of a more efficient and responsive way to track their more than 2000 gages, Arundel turned to L-Tron Corporation, a specialist in high-tech solutions. Rich Riedman at L-Tron recommended TracerPlus as the best answer. “They were impressed,” says Riedman, adding that screen mockups of the solution helped Arundel envision how TracerPlus could be configured to meet its particular needs.

“One of the things that it’s given us is instant information that we never had before,” says Plamondon. “If there’ a particular gage that I’m looking for I can find it instantly and I know who has it and what they’re using it on.”

“You see customers looking at it, and jaws are dropping,” Plamondon says. “They say, ‘We wanted to do this but we never knew how, and you guys are doing it.’”

— William Plamondon, Quality Management System Director
Arundel Machine Tool

MCA Tile employee performing an RFID inventory of the yard.

MCA Tile

Raising the Roof on RFID ROI

“We heard About RFID but never could afford to purchase a system that fit our needs until we found TracerPlus. We started deployment of the RFID solution in November 2014 and did our first major inventory about two months later. Now, one person can do a complete inventory in four hours, when it used to take eight people three days!”

“I think one of the biggest benefits of working with Portable Technology Solutions was their accessibility. The support has been great. Whenever I’ve had a question, they’ve been readily available, and solved any problem right away. And the quality of the Zebra reader, printer, and RFID labels has exceeded our expectations.”

— Linda Hanson, CFO
MCA Tile

Inward Stock Processing and Tracking of Honey at Cammell's

Cammell's Honey

Inward Stock Processing and Tracking of Honey

“We could have employed a program developer, but we saw that as a huge cost for our business and one that would continue for years during the changing demands of tracking honey from the paddock hive to the consumer shelf. We came across the excellent TracerPlus website and were very impressed with how flexible and easy it was to program compared to our previous arrangement.”

“Now that TracerPlus is in everyday use, the guy at the factory who uses the scanner to process the inwards stock is very happy with the flexibility he has with processing. TracerPlus has enabled us to synchronise scanner output to our MS Access database, giving us enormous flexibility with the input/output data and taking inventory is now a lot faster, compared to the old days.”

— Lee McLean, Accountant
Cammell's Honey

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University

Internal Package Delivery and Asset Tracking

“Minnesota State University, Mankato has been using Portable Technology Solutions' products in its Shipping and Receiving Department for several years. Using the carriers barcode the shipments arriving at our dock are scanned in as they are received, scanned again when sorted, and again when delivered. This has helped us track each package from the time the it arrives at our dock until it is received by the final customer.”

“Our Experience with PTS products in shipping and receiving influenced our decision purchase additional scanners and updated PTS software to use in the development of our asset tracking system. PTS products help us to personalize our tracking systems and keep them simple and tailored to our current needs, while leaving plenty of room for our future needs to be met."

— Anthony Francour, Office and Administrative Specialist Intermediate
Minnesota State University, Mankato

ResponseForce1 Emergency Management


Equipment and Personnel Tracking

“ResponseForce1 is in the business of Emergency Management. We typically get busy when a major disaster happens. One of our core services is the management of large base camps where thousands of emergency responders are sheltered, fed and cared for. Over time RF1 has developed a comprehensive system, we have coined “RF1 TripWire”, to aid us in operating base camps.

The RF1 TripWire is used to track the whereabouts of responders and the assets they use to perform their mission. A key component of the RF1 TripWire system is the suite of PTS applications, which include TracerPlus Mobile Client, Desktop, ODBC Link and Wireless Server. At RF1 when the going gets tough we have come to rely not only on the TracerPlus software but also on the very reliable and highly regarded technical expertise residents at Portable Technology Solutions.”

— Juan Godoy, CTO
ResponseForce1 Corp.

JVV Logistics using TracerPlus Mobile Software

JVV Logistics

High Value Maritime Shipping Operations

“We needed something that could give us control of the customization process and allow for changes on site and at the time we needed. We found PTS TracerPlus, a mobile data solution which is fully configurable and can adapt as our ideas develop, as well as providing support for different connectivity models.”

“We were easily able to create the form using the TracerPlus [Desktop] designer, and gather the data using TracerPlus on the MC75. With the ability to manage a live data feed, we can not only track the amount of cargo in a hold, but the position and condition of that cargo, helping us narrow down that margin of error. We can now prepare automatically generated stowage plans in time to deliver before the vessel sails, giving us a tremendous boost in efficiency and time/cost savings.”

— Mathew Ridyard - Commercial Manager
JVV Logistics

Ce De Candy, the makers of Smarties

Ce De Candy (AKA Smarties)

Food Traceability / Manufacturing

“We needed a solution that would allow us to comply with the FDA mandate, but at the same time, not disrupt the manufacturing processes we already had in place. The Motorola/PTS enterprise mobility solution met our firm timing and budget requirements, increased our productivity, and improved data quality and process efficiencies, while providing the superior ruggedness that is essential in our warehouse environment.”

“Ce De Candy implemented this enterprise mobility solution from Motorola and PTS because of the continuous customer service and support we received -- from purchase decision through deployment.”

— Rick DePinto, IT Manager
Ce De Candy

Beverly Fabrics

Beverly Fabrics

Inventory / Retail

“TracerPlus has allowed us to phase out our aging, non-intuitive software. With the help of their support, we were able to write new software from the ground up and implement features we had only dreamed of in the past.”

— Brandon Ring, Tech Support
Beverly Fabrics

American Piledriving Equipment

American Piledriving Equipment

Asset Tracking

“We needed something flexible, and customizable that would grow with us as we grew in our barcoding processes. TracerPlus has allowed us to quickly implement and adapt as our needs and processes change.”

“I was able to create and modify the form utilizing TracerPlus Desktop. The application was then easily loaded onto our MC9090's and ready for use in minutes. TracerPlus has allowed us to take control of our assets as they are shipped around the world to various job sites and back. The TracerPlus app also easily integrated with our ERP system, allowing us to update the status of our assets, and assuring fewer errors in a much more timely fashion.”

— Tom Mongold, Technical Lead for the Asset Management Team
American Piledriving Equipment