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MCA Tile: Raising the Roof on RFID ROI




In its sunny California location, MCA Tile blends old world wisdom with modern technology to produce a broad array of exquisite roofing tile. Their inventory spreads across eight acres which created a growing problem for inventory control.

Using a manual method of scanning barcodes, it took the MCA Tile crew of eight people about three days to do a full count of all the inventory on the lot. With older inventory that had been sitting for months or years, labels had faded or fallen off, making it impossible to count.

Ce De Candy, the makers of Smarties
Ce De Candy

Learn how when presented with FDA mandates, Ce De Candy (the makers of Smarties) found TracerPlus to keep their operations running without a hitch!

Beverly Fabrics employee scanning inventory with TracerPlus.
Beverly Fabrics

“TracerPlus has allowed us to phase out our aging, non-intuitive software. With the help of their support, we were able to write new software from the ground up and implement features we had only dreamed of in the past.”

APE employee scanning assets with TracerPlus.
American Piledriving Equipment

You might not be qualified to operate some of American Piledriving Equipment's inventory, but you're definitely qualified to use TracerPlus. Take a look inside how TracerPlus helped APE create a flexible and customizable solution that fit their barcode needs.

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