Barcode Scanning with TracerPlus
Mobile RFID Scanning with TracerPlus
NFC Scanning with TracerPlus
Mobile RFID Scanning with TracerPlus

Mobile RFID Scanning with TracerPlus

Create Mobile RFID Software Apps to Track Anything

TracerPlus with Mobile RFID Tag Scanning capabilities makes it simple for Anyone to track virtually Anything. Inventories that took months now take weeks; those that took weeks now take days and those that took days now take hours. Coupling the efficiencies of RFID with dropping costs of implementing RFID present a great opportunity for customers.

Since offering RFID done the right way, in our 7.0 release, we have assisted countless customers in achieving unmatched ROIs with RFID. Customers tell us daily about how they no longer have to climb ladders to scan barcodes, move pallets to find a quantity or pull a barcode scanner trigger 1000 times to get a count.

RFID Success Stories with TracerPlus:

MCA Tile is employing RFID to reduce their inventory time from 8 days with 3 people down to a single person in 4 hours.

Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is employing RFID to pinpoint the locations of sensors buried within roadways.

Sprung Memorial Group is employing EPC Gen 2 passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID tags and handheld readers to track the cemetery monuments it stores, engraves and ships to customers.

Bike Lane is expanding an RFID system from PTS Mobile that locates bicycles in its storeroom, to include repairs and the tracking of tools to accomplish those repairs.

Supplier City Solutions is using RFID to help workers easily identify which bins require replenishing, thereby ensuring that no parts run out when needed on the production floor.

MCA Tile Raises the Roof on RFID ROI with TracerPlus

See how much you can save by switching to RFID.
TracerPlus is a Zebra Validated solution for Mobile RFID Software

Enterprise Class RFID Scanning Features:

  • Mass Tag Scanning / Multi Scan - Read 1000s of RFID Tags Per Minute
  • Geiger - Locate lost and hard to find items via RFID
  • Scan and Print - Scan Barcodes and Instantly Print RFID Tags
  • Write - Encode RFID tags from TracerPlus including EPC and User memory banks
  • Filtering - Create lists of items that are scanned or not scanned
  • Browse for sample Mobile RFID Apps

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Support Resources:

TracerPlus is compatible with the Zebra MC319Z, MC919Z, RFD5500 and RFD8500 RFID Terminals

TracerPlus is compatible with Zebra MC319Z, MC919Z, RFD5500 and RFD8500 RFID Terminals


System Requirements: An RFID enabled Mobile Device or Tablet running Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, Windows Embedded CE 6.0, Windows Mobile 6.x, Windows CE 6.0, Windows Mobile 5.x, Windows CE 5.x, Windows Mobile 2003, Android OS 2.2 and up; TracerPlus Desktop is required to create and deploy applications. For RFD5500, an MC55A, MC55N or MC67 mobile device is required. For RFD8500, an Android device with Bluetooth is required.

Compatibility: Version numbers of the TracerPlus Mobile Client must match version numbers of TracerPlus Desktop for interoperability.