Portable Technology Solutions Releases TracerPlus Version 9.0

March 2, 2015: Calverton, NY – Portable Technology Solutions, LLC (PTS), the makers of TracerPlus Mobile Data Collection Software and ClearStream RFID Fixed RFID software, are proud to announce the release of TracerPlus 9.0. This new version of TracerPlus introduces form logic, enabling TracerPlus users to create even more powerful mobile applications in a fraction of the time.

The latest version of TracerPlus 9.0 is a result of a year of hard work by the PTS development team.

TracerPlus 9 Features Include:

  • Conditional Logic: Allows a huge amount of control over presentation and processing of data based on dynamic variables.
  • Date Math: Allows for date addition/subtraction for calculations of things like expiration date, etc.
  • Drop Downs can now store a Database value independently from Display value.
  • Average Calculated Function: Average any number of TracerPlus data fields.
  • Toggle Input Button action: Toggles the input allowed to a field between Barcode, RFID and Keyboard data.
  • Custom Export Option: Export a custom file to a custom location on your device.
  • Form Auto Resize: Form will now auto scale on Android to best fit the screen.
  • SQL Variable implemented for Android.
  • Number Pad Popup added for Android.
  • Import Field Names from DB, Text, and Excel data sources into TracerPlus Desktop.
  • Import Drop Down Field Data from DB, Text, and Excel data sources into TracerPlus Desktop.
  • TracerPlus Connect Project load performance during sync improved/optimized.
  • TracerPlus Connect Sync Processes can now be dragged from one profile to another.

View the full release notes on our TracerPlus Forum.

Joe Kraebel, lead PTS Solution Architect, works with 100s of customers per month deploying TracerPlus powered application and understands the importance of this release. Mr. Kraebel stated "Mobile technology processing, connectivity, GPS, Image Capture, you name it, the devices are becoming more powerful and our users want to get the most out of the technology. 10 Years ago customers simply wanted to scan a barcode and collect some basic data and then sync it back to a database via a flat file; MAYBE they were doing this on Wi-Fi. Now customers want to have the forms think for them, auto populate data and most importantly automate the data collection process far beyond what we have seen users request in the past. Conditional Logic allows you to do this and in the fraction of the time it used to take. This release definitely makes my job easier."

As always TracerPlus 9 is available for Trial at http://www.tracerplus.com and on the websites of our partners located around the world.

About PTS:
Portable Technology Solutions, LLC (PTS) is a leading provider of user configurable, data collection software and systems with over 8,000 active customers. As developers of TracerPlus mobility software and ClearStream RFID fixed RFID data capture software, PTS provides solutions for any kind of organization, any type of system and any budget. PTS solutions require no programming experience, enabling users of any ability to configure, deploy and use.