Inventory Pick and Pack for Tablets

Description: A simple picking application for android that will increase picking accuracy through the use of item images.

Tired of picking the wrong items for your orders? Then the Inventory Pick and Pack application is for you. Designed for TracerPlus Android, Master Pick improves picking accuracy through the use of high resolution image capture. Build your Pick list on the device itself, or import your list using TracerPlus Connect. The application features a grid that displays all relevant pick items. As each item is picked the grid is updated to reflect user progress. An item scan will trigger a high resolution image of the item to be displayed.

Designed for High resolution tablets including:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
  • Asus Nexus 7

Easily adjust the application resolution to work with any Android device using our TracerPlus Desktop tool.

Pick and Pack using an Android tablet or phone




Inventory Management

Minimum Version:


Mode Required:


Optimized For:


Designed By:

PTS - Corey Hagewood

Date Posted:

May 21, 2014



New Users

Check out the following video to get started.

Deploying a TracerPlus Desktop project from the Solution Center

Existing Users

Download the project and deploy using TracerPlus Desktop.