Zebra RFID Asset Tracking

Capture up to 1000 assets per minute with this mobile RFID Application.

Unleash the power of RFID asset tracking. This application allows the user to perform a complete room inventory in a single trigger pull using a mobile RFID device. Make the most of the RFID scanning capabilites of your Zebra (formerly Motorola) MC3190z, MC9190z, or RFD8500 with any Android or iOS device to quickly capture and record all the assets in any room. 

For user verification, the asset manufacturer, type, model, and serial number are all displayed to the user for each asset scanned.

Key features of this app include:

  • RFID speed and accuracy.
  • Preconfigured asset collection forms.
  • Sync to any backend database or system.

As with all TracerPlus sample apps, you can use this app as is or customize to fit your exact asset collection needs. 

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Asset Tracking
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PTS - Corey Hagewood
Date Posted
July 13, 2017
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