Zebra RFID Asset Scan and Locate

Capture up to 1000 assets per minute with this mobile RFID Application.

Harness the potential of RFID asset tracking with this application. Effortlessly conduct a comprehensive room inventory with a single trigger pull using a mobile RFID device. Utilize the RFID scanning capabilities of Zebra (formerly Motorola) MC333R/MC339R, MC333xR/MC339xR, Zebra RFD40 or RFD90 Sleds using eConnex with Zebra Handhelds or Bluetooth to any Android or iOS device to swiftly capture and record all assets within a room.

Key features of this app include:

  • RFID speed and precision.
  • Test Geiger functionality using the Tag Locate feature.
  • Seamless synchronization with any backend database or system.

As with all TracerPlus sample apps, use it as is or tailor it to precisely match your asset collection requirements.

Applications Category
Asset Tracking
Minimum Version
Mode Required
Optimized For
Designed By
PTS - Joe Kraebel
Date Posted
March 13, 2024
  • Scan RFID Tags Icon
  • Select your reader manufacturer
  • Select a room and scan tags
  • Select a tag to locate it
  • Geiger counter in action finding an asset
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