Zebra TC20 / RFD2000 RFID Tag Scan Demo

Quickly test your Zebra TC20 with RFD2000 RFID Sled for scanning RFID tags.

Use this demo app to quickly test reading RFID tags with your Zebra TC20 and RFD2000 RFID Sled. This app also doubles as a room inventory audit scanning multiple RFID tags to a selected room.

Scanning RFID Tags:

Select a room from the drop down then hold down the trigger on the RFD2000 sled to scan all the tags in the area. This will read all of the unique tag IDs into the grid below and display a count of total unique tags scanned. You can then click the Post Scans button to save this data locally to the device. This will capture the room and date/time for every tag scanned. If using this app as a room inventory audit you can now sync this data back to a database using our TracerPlus Connect software.

Locating an RFID Tag using the Geiger Counter:

Once you have saved your tags from the above scanning process you can now move to the 2nd page of the app to view a listing of all tags scanned. You can now select one of these tags, then click the Locate button to try and find where the tag is using the Geiger counter. Once the Tag Locator dialog is open, simply press and hold down the trigger on the RFD2000 sled to try an locate the item. As you get closer to the tag it will beep more frequently and the meter on the dialog will also go up.


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PTS - Joe Kraebel
Date Posted
August 23, 2018
  • Main Launcher Screen
  • RFID Tag Scanning Screen
  • Tag Locator Screen
  • Locating RFID Tag with Geiger Counter
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