Sample RFID Geiger Counter

Find RFID tags using a Geiger-like location feature and keep track of inventory

A user-friendly RFID inventory application designed for Zebra and TSL RFID readers, this application comprises two sessions: one dedicated to locating RFID-tagged items, and the other for entering product inventory data. Anchored in an RFID Geiger feature, this application employs the RFID reader to guide users to selected items, aiding in the discovery of missing inventory. A crucial tool for swiftly locating RFID tags and efficiently accounting for inventory, ensuring you never lose track of your RFID-tagged items again!


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PTS - Joe Kraebel
Date Posted
March 13, 2024
  • App Icons
  • Adding a new item
  • Selecting an item
  • Locating an item
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