RFID Tag Writer

Read and write data to an RFID tag.

Easy-to-use application for writing to and reading from RFID tags--data entered into the app's form is transferred to the user memory bank on the RFID tag.. Enables updating data stored on RFID tags such as inspection dates, inventory tracking, destinations, and more. This simple, single-session application gives you the power to write to RFID tags quickly and has the flexibility to be further developed in TracerPlus according to your particular needs.


Device Compatibility:

  • Zebra MC9190z
  • Zebra MC3190z
  • Zebra MC55/65/67 with the RFID addon
  • Zebra RFD8500 sled using any Android or iOS device.
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PTS - Joe Kraebel
Date Posted
July 13, 2017
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