RFID Chemical Inventory Tracking

Track your chemicals using RFID technology. Optimized for the Zebra TC20 w/ RFD2000 Sled.

Use this chemical tracking app on your RFID enabled device to keep track of the current whereabouts of your chemicals. This application offers 2 forms, one for scanning Inventory based on location and the other for locating missing chemicals not found during the inventory.

Watch a video of the RFID Chemical Inventory Tracking App in use

Chemical Inventory

Use this form to select your current building and room and proceed to scan all RFID tagged chemicals into a queued grid. As items are read the device will beep. When the beeping has stopped you can assume all chemicals have been found and can be posted locally to the device. Choose a different room and repeat. Once inventory has been completed the data can be synced back to a PC database once you setup the TracerPlus Connect software.

Find Chemicals

This form can be used to load a list of missing chemicals to the device to look for using a Geiger counter. Once missing assets have been loaded simply hold down the trigger to scan until one of the items on the list is found. Once an item is found it will beep and open the Geiger counter which you can use to further home in on the item. After finding the item you can mark as Found which will remove the item from the missing list so it will not be read again. Read above steps until you have found all tags.

Use the provided Sync session with TracerPlus Connect once configured to your database to sync data back and forth.

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Inventory Management
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PTS - Joe Kraebel
Date Posted
July 25, 2018
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