Mobile Supply Cabinet Inventory

An application for taking inventory of office supplies.

Designed for TracerPlus Android, Cabinet Counter makes keeping track of office supply inventory easy. Build your inventory list on the device itself, or import your list using TracerPlus Connect. With an inventory list constructed, keep track of what supply items are where. Simply barcode scan the item, and enter the quantity. If the quantity is less than the minimum required stock, the item will automatically be added to the order list. Check the order list on the fly to see the cost of a given order.

Easily adjust the application resolution to work with any Android device using our TracerPlus Desktop tool.

Designed for Android Phones including:

  • Zebra MC40
  • Zebra TC 55


Applications Category
Inventory Management
Minimum Version
Mode Required
Optimized For
Designed By
PTS - Corey Hagewood
Date Posted
July 13, 2017
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