Mobile Chemical Tracker

Keeps careful track of chemical assets, their location, and the people who interact with them.

This application enables you to efficiently track the movement and status of chemicals in your laboratory or workplace. Names, descriptions, current location and even their Chemical Hazard Classification are all trackable via an associated barcode.

A time and user stamp accompanies each submission allowing you to track the handling of each chemical under your responsibility.

This sample includes 4 sessions:

  1. Chemicals Received - Adds an asset to the list.
  2. Update Chemical Status - Allows you to change properties of the chemical including the description, the person handling it, or its Chemical Hazard Classification simply by looking up the chemical via its barcode or asset number.
  3. Chemical Disposal - Allows a simple two action indicator that a chemical is no longer active on-site.
  4. Data Sync - Allows single button press data syncing to and from many types of data sources via TracerPlus Connect.

This sample is customizable and can be modified for your work environment. With a simple screen size adjustment, the Mobile Chemical Tracker can work on a tablet device as well. It can also be easily modified for use with RFID tracking technology.

Applications Category
Asset Tracking
Minimum Version
Mode Required
Optimized For
Date Posted
May 05, 2022
Optimized Devices
Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5
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