Alien RFID Demo Application

Alien ALR-H460 RFID Demo application

Start scanning RFID tags with the Alien ALR-H460 quickly with this TracerPlus demo application. This application is configured to demonstrate rapid RFID scanning and data collection. Specially designed for the Alien ALR-H460 RFID device, this application allows the user to select a location and pull the trigger to collect all items within read range of the device. When complete the user can save the data to the handheld to later transfer to the backend system of your choosing.

This application also includes a user memory bank reading and writing form (writable tags required). This form allows a user to scan an RFID tag and then write it its user memory bank with ASCII data. After writing is complete the user memory bank can be read to view this information at a later date.

This is a great starting point and can be completely customized to fit your RFID data tracking need.

Applications Category
Asset Tracking
Minimum Version
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Designed By
PTS - Joe Kraebel
Date Posted
March 31, 2020
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