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Connect your mobile data to your databases
STEP 3: Synchronize your mobile data

STEP 3: Synchronize your mobile data

Map and Sync Mobile Data Without Programming

TracerPlus Connect is the ideal software tool for your organizations data sharing needs. Developed to enable TracerPlus users to quickly map and sync their data without programming, Connect has enabled thousands of users to access mission critical data. Organizations of any size can now affordably share data between their mobile workforces and office based systems without changing their workflows.

  • Sync mobile data with and between ODBC databases, MS Excel and ascii files.
  • Wizard driven data mapping doesn't require programming.
  • Flexible sync profiles enable unlimited syncing methods.
  • Multi-threading enables TracerPlus data to be shared w/ multiple systems.
  • TracerPlus Windows Mobile/CE and Android compatible.
Map and Sync Mobile Data Without Programming with TracerPlus Connect

Features and benefits

  • Sync data to Excel, Access, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, SalesForce and more.
  • Perform wireless and cradled batch (Windows Mobile/CE only) syncs.
  • Use in Live Mode for real-time data syncing (replaces Wireless Server).
  • Perform automated timed syncs to run at specific times and intervals.
  • Sync data to and from Android, Windows Mobile and CE based devices. Compatibility List

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Learn More about what TracerPlus does and how it can help your business.

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Learn More about what TracerPlus does and how it can help your business.


System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012, 20 MB free disk space, ActiveSync version 3.5 or higher (2000/2003/XP), Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista/7/8/10/2008/2012), A Mobile Device running Android OS, Windows Embedded Handheld/CE. Windows Mobile, CE, CE.Net, or Pocket PC, Trial or registered version of TracerPlus (version numbers must match). Microsoft Excel 2003 or Greater for transfer to Excel. ODBC compliant database (i.e. Access, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, FoxPro among others) for ODBC syncing.

Compatibility: Version numbers of TracerPlus Connect must match version numbers of the TracerPlus Desktop and TracerPlus Mobile Client for interoperability.