TracerPlus Version 6 New Feature Demo

TracerPlus 6

TracerPlus Version 6.0 Release Demo Webinar

Released on June 30th, 2010, version 6.0 of TracerPlus represents the most ambitious feature upgrade to our line of TracerPlus software to date. This demo video covers some of the more exciting improvements to many of the different aspects of the TracerPlus mobile client and the TracerPlus Desktop design tool.

The demo has been divided by specific topics for easy viewing. Watch each section individually or select each of our 6 part in succession for the entire demo.


Part One - Pre-Configured Mobile Applications for TracerPlus 6

This introduction to TracerPlus version 6 shows a quick walk-through on how to visit our online solution center and download one of our free pre-configured projects. Many new projects that take advantage of the new features of TracerPlus 6 have already been added and this collection continues to grow.

Duration: 0:57


Part Two - New Project Settings

This short demo video shows new features added to TracerPlus version 6 at the project level, which set the global parameters of the application as a whole. This section also touches on the addition of the Project Explorer to the user interface of TracerPlus Desktop.

Duration: 3:47


Part Three - New Session (Mobile Form and Data Table) Settings

This video provides an overview of the new abilities of TracerPlus in regards to each individual session (or mobile form) as it is created. Using a simple asset audit form as an example, new options for the manual export of data to flat text files and new record submit options are shown.

Duration: 4:37


Part Four - New Data Field Configuration

This portion of the TracerPlus 6 demo focuses on some of the new abilities in determining how specific data fields collect info, including improvements to lookup, validation and calculation settings.

Duration: 7:34


Part Five - New Functionality of the Desktop Form Designer

The section shows some of the more dramatic improvements to TracerPlus and TracerPlus Desktop. The video details the increased control over the look, feel and flow of the mobile form while also introducing the much anticipated live data entry grid.

Duration: 6:06


Part Six - Deployment to the mobile device and Demo Conclusion

This video shows how to deploy the project to a mobile device and displays the results of some of the settings that were configured earlier. The demo concludes by discussing the live registration client manager incorporated into TracerPlus Desktop and a quick review of some of the other new features introduced in TracerPlus version 6.

Duration: 3:52