TracerPlus ODBC Link Webinar

TracerPlus ODBC Link

Mobilizing Your Databases With TracerPlus ODBC Link

Originally presented on December 8th 2009, this webinar is divided into two parts and shows how TracerPlus ODBC Link enables users to link data gathered via TracerPlus to their databases and database driven applications. Its power lies within its easy to use configuration interface, allowing programmers and non-programmers to configure settings easily.


  • Using our pre-configured defaults to transfer to Microsoft Access with a simple 'cradle and click'.
  • Configuring Data Sources.
  • Mapping Handheld Fields to Pre-Existing Database Fields.
  • Understanding Drop Down Data Lists.
  • Synchronizing and Managing your Data.

Part One

Part one of this two part demo webinar shows how our pre-configured default settings allow users to transfer data from the mobile device to an included Access database.

The training continues with a quick step by step run through of how to configure a data source on your host PC, then demonstrates how to map the individual data fields on the handheld to corresponding and pre-existing fields in the database. Part 1 then concludes with an overview of drop down data lists.

Duration: 8:51


Part Two

Part two of this demo webinar begins with the download of a pre-configured Asset Tracking application. This application can be downloaded and used for free by clicking here.

The webinar then demos the application deployment to the mobile device and the collection of data using TracerPlus.

Once this data has been collected, the webinar shows the process of synchronizing this data with the company database and managing that data.

Duration: 5:13

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