Motorola RFID and TracerPlus: The Evolution of Mobile Data Management

The Evolution of Data Management

The Evolution of Data Management

With the introduction of the TracerPlus RFID reading and writing features, companies of all sizes can now take advantage of what RFID can offer. Provided in two parts, this video provides an in depth look at the growth and maturation of RFID in recent years and what companies can expect to gain by using RFID.

Part one features an overview of the expanding fields in which TracerPlus and RFID can be used to improve efficiency at a lower cost than ever. This is followed by a demo showing the creation of a working RFID data collection app from scratch by using TracerPlus Desktop and a Motorola 3000z.

Featuring John Rommel, Director of Channel Development at Motorola Solutions, part two delves into the state of RFID today. With a focus on both increasing abilities and the dropping costs of implementing a system, the presentation concludes with a look to the future.


Part One

Part Two

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