Convert Paper to Electronic Forms for Gov't and Solution Providers

Convert your paper froms to TracerPlus electronic data gathering applications

Convert Paper to Electronic Forms for Gov't and Solution Providers

Recorded on August 18th 2010, this webinar displays the ease in which out -dated paper form systems can be upgraded to electronic data gathering systems. Although initially aimed at the government and public safety sectors, this demo is applicable to any field.


  • Convert your paper forms and form based systems on a budget.
  • Reduce liability by automatically validating your form information.
  • Learn how switching to electronic data collection saves money in the long-run and how quickly you can see results.
  • Learn more about TracerPlus 6 and the many new mobile solutions that are now possible.
  • Learn how new Motorola devices can take advantage of these new innovations.

Part One

In part one of three, we show an original paper form normally used with a clipboard to collect information in the field. We describe the problems inherent in this method and how TracerPlus solves these problems, also showing a before and after of a converted form. Howie also demos the TracerPlus Solution Center with its collection of existing forms.



Part Two

In part two, we demonstrate the ability of our solution center to serve as a collection of templates for very specific applications. By starting with a generic equipment check-in application (free on the solution center), Howie shows in real time just how easy it can be to customize one of our forms to match the specific needs of a particular customer or purpose.



Part Three

With a new application now created, we continue by showing how this new electronic form works by discussing how data is collected, how existing data can automate a number of steps when performing more work and how to transfer that data to your existing database. During this video, we demo TracerPlus Connect for Microsoft Excel, but also discuss how any data collected in TracerPlus can also be synced with any kind of database, both via USB cable and wirelessly.


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