TracerPlus Connect for Microsoft Excel Webinar

TracerPlus Video Demo- Click Here!

An introduction and demonstration of the abilities of TracerPlus Connect for Microsoft Excel.

Originally presented on June 24th 2009, this webinar is divided into two parts and features a step-by step walk-through of the program.


  • Review of TracerPlus Desktop and the TracerPlus Solution Center
  • Configuring syncs using the Wizard and the Advanced options
  • Bi-Directional updating (from the device to the spreadsheet or from an existing spreadsheet to the device's lookup tables)

Part One

Part one of our two part webinar provides a demonstration of TracerPlus Connect and its interaction with the TracerPlus Desktop design tool and with the TracerPlus mobile client. This section also demos the TracerPlus Connect configuration wizard.

Duration: 8:55


Part Two

Part two continues our demonstration of TracerPlus Connect. This section touches on the advanced configuration tab which provides an alternate method of mapping TracerPlus data fields on the mobile device to corresponding columns of an Excel spreadsheet.

Duration: 5:40

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