TracerPlus Version 8

TracerPlus Version 8 - Android and Windows Mobile Software Development Tool

TracerPlus 8 is Now Available for Android and Windows Mobile

The TracerPlus 8 Desktop Designer is now available for download. TracerPlus Desktop makes it easy for anyone to create mobile data collection applications for both Windows Mobile and Android based devices. Version 8 also features many new RFID, GUI and Data Connection enhancements to the TracerPlus product suite. Listed below are just some of the new features found in TracerPlus Desktop, Mobile Client and Connect - all easily installed from TracerPlus Desktop.

  • TracerPlus for Android Support.
  • TP Connect Live / Real Time Connection.
  • Smart Form: Data --> Field population based on contents/"rules".
  • RFID Geiger Counter - Tag Locator.
  • Simultaneously read RFID User memory bank along with EPC data.
  • Powerful new on form button navigation features.
  • GPS Averaging for more precise GPS coordinates.
  • Enhanced Desktop GUI - Streamlining Development Speed and Ease.
  • Undo function has been added to the TracerPlus Desktop form designer.
  • Radio Button field type.
  • Timer function to perform events at specified intervals.

Download TracerPlus Desktop 8.2

Download TracerPlus Connect 8.2

TracerPlus 8 Webinar

Download TracerPlus 8.1 Desktop
Download TracerPlus 8.1 Connect
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