Registering your TracerPlus software

After purchase, you will receive a redemption link via email, you will need this redemption link to register your software.

9.1 and later users with an internet connection:
Open the registration form within the software you are attempting to register and enter your redemption link in the redemption link field. Click the Key button to complete the registration process.

Registration Video

Watch an instructional video on registering TracerPlus

Click here to watch a short video on how to register your PTS software including the TracerPlus mobile client as well as Tracerplus Connect data synchronization software.

For earlier versions or no internet connection:
You will need your Device ID for registering the mobile client license. For registering data syncing tools, you will need your PC ID. Select the product you are registering from the list below for additional instructions, including instructions on how to locate your Device or PC ID.

TracerPlus Software: