TracerPlus Comprehensive Support

The TracerPlus Comprehensive Support Agreement includes everything you need to keep your TracerPlus mobile workforce at peak performance and receives all of the benefits outlined below.

TracerPlus Comprehensive Support Agreement Details

Support Plans offer the following:

  • Unlimited Email Support, Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 7:00PM EST (Limited support available on weekends)
  • Phone and Remote Support on an As Needed basis (Determined by PTS once all information about the issue has been gathered)
  • 1 - 4 Hour Response Time During Business Hours
  • Installation and Registration Support

Free Software Upgrades

Software support agreements are sold per TracerPlus Mobile Client license. Support agreements cover both the TracerPlus Mobile Client license and its associated TracerPlus Connect license for 1 or 3 year coverage. Plan members are eligible to receive both major and minor version upgrades.

To view the TracerPlus Software release notes and timeline, Click Here.

To receive your upgrade, submit the Redemption Link of your initial purchase if available. Otherwise, your original order number or invoice number is required.

TracerPlus Software and Versions Covered under Support Agreements

PTS is currently supporting TracerPlus Desktop, TracerPlus Connect and the TracerPlus Mobile Client running versions 8.0 and up. Software versions below 8 will not be covered under these agreements, you will need to contact your sales rep for support options on these products as well as end of life products including Wireless Server, ODBC Link and TracerPlus Connect for Excel.

PTS recommends upgrading to the latest versions available for continued support with the added benefit of having access to all the latest features and bug fixes.

Support Plans are available in 1 year or discounted 3 year terms.

Please contact your authorized reseller for more information on purchasing comprehensive support. If you have not yet contacted a reseller, go to our Purchasing TracerPlus section, and select your region so that we can connect you with the appropriate specialist. There is no cost for the consultation.

TracerPlus Comprehensive Support Plan Terms and Conditions