Zebra ES400

Device Review

For the Motorola ES400 PTS has a small quick start guide that while outdated may still be helpful to adapt to newer devices. PTS has created a pair of easy applications that can be used to track inventory and deliveries specifically for the ES400, but can be adapted to work with any device. Below is a quick start guide for easy setup of your ES400, and while it might be outdated we know our users may still need the information.


Getting Started with your Device

Setting up your Host PC:

You will need a host PC to sync data to and from your mobile device. This PC also requires an internet connection to download additional components and to keep your system current. In most cases the host PC will be the computer that contains your database files.

Download and install the appropriate Microsoft Mobile Device syncing software:

Check Contents of ES400 Box and Device Setup:

  • Mobile Device
  • Battery
  • USB Syncing cable
  • Power Supply

After charging, connect the USB cable to the host PC and launch ActiveSync/WMDC.


Sample Database Files: 

Sample Excel Spreadsheet
Sample Barcodes - PDF
Tab Delimited Text File for Manual Import and Export of Data
Text Files for Importing Custom Dropdown Lists

Setting Up Data Transfer Methods - Sold Separately

Data collected on the mobile device must be transferred to your database in order to provide useful information. In addition, these options allow for transferring existing database info (such as existing inspection routes, previous conditions, last inspection date, etc) to your device, providing comparative information and lookup table data.

Option 1: Automated Syncing to With TracerPlus Connect
Sync wirelessly or via cable with more control over your data than ever. Easily transfer your mobile data to existing back-end ODBC databases, Excel spreadsheets and Text files. Click here for more information.

Option 2: Manual txt file export to PC
After collecting data on the mobile device, select Export from the TracerPlus File menu, then cradle the device. Navigate to the Mobile Device folder on the host PC after ActiveSync establishes a connection. Go to My Documents\TracerPlus7\Data\Exported and copy the S01_data.txt file (for Session 01 - name may vary).

Operating System
Windows Mobile 6.5
TracerPlus Form Size
240 x 268