Software Registration

Instructions to Register ODBC Link

1. Install the trial version of TracerPlus ODBC Link on your PC. Click here to download

2. Select Start Menu->Programs->PTS->TracerPlus->ODBC Configuration.

3. A PC ID will be displayed at the top of the file. Enter it in the form below (exactly as it appears).

4. Complete any additional information in the form below.

5. Click Register to submit your request.

6. A registration code will be sent to the email address provided below.

7. Enter it on the line labeled RegCode= in the ODBC Configuration file and save it.

Registration Image

Registration for: ODBC Link

Redemption Link: (required)
Order Number: (only required if you do not have a redemption link)
PC ID: (required)
Email: (required)
Version: (optional - if you require a different version)

What is the Redemption Link?

The redemption link is a unique ID generated for each license of our software you have purchased. By entering the redemption link we can send your registration code even if you have lost it in the past. The redemption link should have been emailed to you shortly after you purchased PTS software.

If for some reason you do not have your redemption link, you may use your order number to submit the request.