TracerPlus - Development and Mobile Device Pricing

Mobile Application Development System

Develop Mobile Apps for Free with Desktop

No Programming Required

Features of TracerPlus Desktop:

  • Free to Use
  • No Programming
  • Create enterprise class mobile forms
  • Create Barcode and RFID enabled forms
  • Build apps for Android, Windows Mobile, Windows CE and iOS devices
  • Drag and Drop form designer
  • Run multiple apps (sessions) from a single device

Brand (OEM) Apps with the Publisher Add-In

Branding and Licensing System

Features of Desktop Publisher:

  • Designed for ISVs, VARS and Companies that put a premium on their brand control
  • Includes all of the features of TracerPlus Desktop
  • Fully rebrand your application including launcher icons
  • Create your own licensing model for your customers
  • Create Cab files and custom .apk files for remote deployment
  • Manage end user and device registrations
  • Lock down your app so no-one can deploy it without your key code
  • Premier licensing available for large volume deployments

Publisher License (Includes 1 hour of Training)

Mobile Device License Options

TracerPlus Standard Simple Applications

Starting at $164.99 / Device

Features of TracerPlus Standard:

  • Up to 32 Barcode Enabled Applications
  • 10 Fields of data per record
  • Enterprise class barcode features
  • Data Capture fields included Text, Drop Down, Check Box, Radio Button and Variable
  • Data Types included General, Number and Date/Time
  • Runs on Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Android and iOS (coming soon) devices

Single User License
$164.99 / Device

TracerPlus Professional Advanced Applications

Starting at $324.99 / Device

Features of TracerPlus Pro:

  • All the features of TracerPlus Standard
  • RFID Enabled
  • 100 Fields of data per record
  • Data Lookups
  • Date and Number Calculations
  • Signature Capture
  • Image Capture
  • GPS Coordinate Capture
  • Data Parsing and Smartform Rules
  • Run Custom SQL Statements
  • Conditional Logic
  • Many more...

Single User License
$324.99 / Device

5 User Pack
$243.74 / Device
Save 25%

10 User Pack
$194.99 / Device
Save 40%

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Database Syncing

TracerPlus Connect Advanced Data Syncing

Starting at $223.99 / Device

Features of TracerPlus Connect:

  • Sync mobile data to and from TracerPlus enabled devices
  • Sync with Text, Excel, MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SalesForce and most ODBC databases
  • Sync via batch cradle, wirelessly or in Real-time over Wi-Fi/WAN
  • Integrate with your existing backend system

Single User Seat
$223.99 / Seat

5 User Pack
$167.99 / Seat
Save 25%

10 User Pack
$139.99 / Seat
Save 43%

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Comprehensive Support and Maintenance Plans

Looking for help? Take a look at our support plan options to get you up and running quickly with the assistance of one of our experienced mobile application technicians.