TracerPlus Release Notes

This page displays a history of version updates and landmark improvements to the entire TracerPlus system. This includes TracerPlus data integration software along with TracerPlus Desktop and the TracerPlus mobile client. Click the timeline or scroll down for detailed info.


TracerPlus for Windows Mobile/CE Devices: Software Release Notes

Version 7.1

Released 1-15-2012


  • Introduced TracerPlus Connect Comprehensive Data Syncing Software.
  • Data Syncing configuration added to TracerPlus Desktop.
  • Wireless or Cradled Batch Syncing.
  • Syncing directly to text files now supported.
  • Timed and unattended syncing available from the device.
  • Wireless updates to dropdown lists now available.
  • More flexible filter options for sending and receiving data.
  • Syncing directly to a SQL Server stored procedure now supported.
  • Syncing as a Windows Service now supported.
  • Introduced TracerPlus Connect database sync configuration settings within TracerPlus Desktop.
  • Introduced Live License Registration via TracerPlus Desktop Client Manager.
  • Added data grid configuration buttons.
  • Introduced entry screen data navigation buttons.
  • Introduced Configurable sync data from device button.
  • Enhanced RFID read speeds with grid caching.


  • Fixed incompatibility when deploying an RFID enabled app on a non-RFID device.
  • Fixed issue where the submit hot key resulted in double submit.
  • Fixed instances of occasional crashing when using the Janam XM series devices.
  • Fixed record editing deficiencies with same session grid control.
  • Improved compatibility with the Honeywell Dolphin devices.
  • Fixed RFID issue where squeezing the trigger did not read all tags.
  • Fixed issue where sending a series of emails as attachments with less data in each e-mail corrupted the subsequent e-mail file.
  • Fixed issue where data grid would not show record count when in wireless mode.
  • Fixed issue where the button caption changed when scanning a code into the login field.
  • Fixed issue where a numeric validation failed if a space is in the field.
  • Improved print dialogue to fit smaller screens.
  • Improved refresh button action for lookups.
  • Added decimal support to Min/Max values.
  • Fixed TracerPlus Desktop scrolling issue on low resolution monitors.
  • Fixed validation on value error.
  • Fixed issue where an ampersand was invisible in the Desktop From Designer.
  • Fixed issue where moving fields up/down in a session with lookup fields caused unhandled exception.
  • Fixed issue where a .tpe export file with print definitions did not import correctly.

Version 7.0

Released 3-15-2011


  • Introduced RFID Tag writing support.
  • Added the ability to enable or disable Keep Alive wireless functionality.
  • Added the ability to send data reports via e-mail.
  • Increased number of deployable sessions in trial mode from 3 to 7.
  • Increased per session field limit from 50 to 100 for Professional version.
  • Enabled test printing in trial mode.
  • Added wireless alert messaging, via SMS texting. Automated group text alerts also enabled.
  • Introduced lookup support for all field types.
  • Transferred lookup and calculated lookup functionality from field type to field settings.
  • Added the ability to specify paths for signature/images in ODBC Link and Wireless Server.
  • Added the ability to select specific export fields for text file export.
  • Added the ability to confirm a successful lookup with a custom fixed value (number, phrase or word).
  • Print capability is now included in both Standard and Pro versions. Eliminated as a plug-in.
  • Expanded the data filter options for printing and messaging reports.
  • Introduced Smart Scan, allowing placement of data into a specific field based on definable rules.
  • Speed, interface and stability improvements.


  • Enabled opening of a .tpe file via double-click rather than requiring use of the TracerPlus Desktop "Import" menu command.
  • Fixed individual selection toggling when selecting multiple controls in the form designer.
  • Fixed visibility issues of the Control Properties Grid when re-sizing the TracerPlus Desktop application window.
  • Changed default project open and save locations to last visited folder.
  • Improved backward compatibility with previous TracerPlus Desktop projects.
  • Resolved issues regarding signature and image file transfer when in wireless mode.
  • Fixed entry form reload optimization issues with updated dropdown lists.
  • Fixed record count inconsistencies when referencing the local session in the data entry grid.
  • Fixed issue where same session lookup via wireless connection failed.
  • Fixed screen re-draw issue for devices with variable screen orientation.
  • Fixed issue where setting lookups from Session A to B, then B to A caused crashes.
  • Improved validate immediately function by validating upon a calculated result and/or lookup rather than additional manual button actions.
  • Improved Clear on Submit actions.
  • Fixed record editing deficiencies with same session grid control.
  • Fixed issue where virtual keyboard would duplicate key entry when overwrite configuration was set to false.
  • Fixed issue where a Submit button with a go to control index of -1 placed focus on the first field of the form rather than the specified start-on field.
  • Improved search functionality on the View Data screen by resetting the view to row 1 after search.
  • Fixed issue with multiple live data grids set on one form when pointing to the same source session.
  • Added the option to show a confirmation prompt as a precaution before manually clearing all data from the device.

Version 6.0

Released 6-30-2010


  • Added Live Data Entry Grid Control.
  • Introduced configurable font size, color and style options for form design.
  • Added custom colors for tabs, labels, buttons and other form controls.
  • Increased data characters per field limit from 64 to 255.
  • Allow for custom validation error messages.
  • Added settable go to field on validation errors.
  • Added the ability to parse data based on variable data from another field.
  • Ability to create custom login profiles to manage multiple users.
  • Added native Motorola RFID and Micro Kiosk support.
  • Added the ability to launch external applications from the TracerPlus Entry Form.
  • Added more detailed logging/messaging of data transfer errors to TracerPlus ODBC Link.
  • Improved conditional lookups with AND / OR relationships.
  • Allow date fields to be initially blank.
  • Improved the configuration interface for Calculated fields in TracerPlus Desktop.
  • Added Image Lookup capability.
  • Added One to Many capabilities- Record updates based on settable key fields.
  • Added the ability to duplicate and move sessions within a project.
  • Added form launcher configuration settings.
  • Improved display performance for calculations/lookups/data for entry screens.
  • Added the ability to enable/disable scanner.
  • Introduced full screen mode, offering more real estate on device screen.
  • Introduced configurable camera and image capture field types.
  • Included print and wireless plug-in capabilities in Professional version.
  • Added 3G Wireless network support (requires 3G mobile device).
  • Introduced TracerPlus SmartConnect, automatically directing wireless data though WIFI when available.
  • Improved WWAN/WIFI connectivity including auto-connect.
  • Improved filtered dropdown performance.
  • Added the ability to allow a record to fail/not submit but be able to continue – Silent validation.
  • Added support for custom validation sounds.
  • Added the ability to specify mobile database location from TracerPlus Desktop.
  • Expanded the range of supported printers and mobile terminals.


  • Fixed connectivity problems with TracerPlus Desktop and TracerPlus ODBC Link resulting from installing TracerPlus to a non-default location.
  • Fixed problem where form image files were corrupted during deployment to the device.
  • Moved user login configuration from ODBC Link to TracerPlus Desktop
  • Updated error logging to present more specific information.
  • Fixed an issue that caused crashes of some Windows Mobile/CE devices when entering more than 8 characters to a field.
  • Fixed unnecessary jumping between tabs during auto-submit go to field even if no tab page change was needed.
  • Fixed issue where the scroll bar appeared unnecessarily on the Motorola ES400 launcher screen.
  • Fixed issue where custom sound for validation errors was not playing if the No Message option was selected.
  • Changed default export setting to export all.
  • Fixed issue where clear all function was not always clearing checkboxes.
  • Fixed issue where the go to filed command was not always working with the submit on error command.
  • Fixed error dealing with print on submit command printing a record despite validation error.

Version 5.3

Released 11-30-2009


  • Introduced the ability to ‘paste’ pre-defined text snippets into a given field via virtual keyboard buttons.
  • Added the option to choose full screen mode.
  • Upgrade database platform to SQLCE 3.5.
  • Added device info reporting to TracerPlus Desktop, providing improved PDA installation.
  • Expanded customization service to include field level actions.
  • Improved date/time formatting with ‘day of year’ option.
  • Added option to print the current record via menu or button without first requiring a submit.
  • Introduced custom settings for messaging based on success or failure of an action.
  • Added option to disable saving to database at the session level for print only applications.
  • Added application level timed auto-logout with settable time and configurable time-out options.
  • Improved Unique in Table validation setting to optionally accept blank fields.


  • Fixed memory leak in RapiSSCESync after approximately 7,500 records.

Version 5.2

Released 08-06-2009


  • Introduced printer configuration options to session settings of TracerPlus Desktop.
  • Updated TracerPlus Desktop welcome screen interface.
  • Expanded keyboard shortcut support options within TracerPlus Desktop form designer.
  • Improved data grid functionality.
  • Added customer feedback options within TracerPlus Desktop.
  • Added hot-key support to Form Designer.

Version 5.1.2

Released 06-30-2009


  • Introduced TracerPlus Connect for Microsoft Excel.


  • Fixed localization date issues for import/export.

Version 5.1

Released 03-31-2009


  • Introduced TracerPlus Desktop export files (.tpe) for sharing custom configurations.
  • Launched online Solution Center at offering free pre-built applications.
  • Created an integrated portal to the online Solution Center through TracerPlus Desktop.
  • Added ability to install TracerPlus mobile to PDA through TracerPlus Desktop.

Version 5.0

Released 01-30-2009


  • Introduced configurable image capture field types.
  • Increased maximum record capacity from ~20k records to > 100k+ records.
  • Implemented integration with device cameras.
  • Added the ability to import existing/older TracerPlus mobile applications into TracerPlus Desktop for revision and re-deployment.
  • Moved wireless plug-in functionality to a base feature for TracerPlus Professional.
  • Added SQLCE database support, allowing 400% more data.
  • Added support for Windows Mobile 6.0.
  • Expanded range of supported mobile computer and printer manufacturers.
  • Introduced 3G Wireless network support.
  • Expanded customization service offerings including RFID configuration, up to 251 entry fields.
  • Enhanced form designer capabilities in TracerPlus Desktop.
  • Introduced keyboard shortcuts to support non-touchscreen devices.
  • Wireless data transmission is automatically directed through WIFI when available with SmartConnect.
  • Improved overall WWAN/WIFI connectivity including auto-connect.


  • Fixed compatibility issue with Janam devices.
  • Fixed installer for ArmV4I processors.
  • Fixed issue where barcode parsing would store last scan and incorrectly repopulate parsed data on next scan.
  • Improved the method that TracerPlus uses to initially open a wireless connection back via cellular networks.
  • Fixed bug where filtered dropdown lists appended rather than being replaced after manual import.
  • Fixed bug where adding 2 strings together to create a single string of over the  64 character limit caused a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where TracerPlus could crash in wireless mode if the start screen was set to the entry form.
  • Fixed a bug where the year setting in the date/time field would record 4 digits when setting was for 2.
  • Changed default database to SQLCE rather than ADOCE.
  • Fixed a bug where an attempt to wirelessly submit records with blank signature fields resulted in an access violation when going back to edit the record.
  • Fixed a bug where on some devices a check box field would exit the user from the entry form.
  • Fixed an issue where the device would freeze for 30 seconds after the completion of a sync.

TracerPlus Desktop Launched

Released 10-10-2008


  • Initial release versioned as 5.0 in order to coincide with the upcoming 5.0 mobile release.
  • Launched PC Based form design and application configuration.
  • Introduced the ability to save TracerPlus configurations as editable projects on the PC.
  • Introduced the ability to deploy applications to the device via build and deploy button.
  • Added the ability to automatically collect application configuration settings into one folder for easy sharing purposes.

Version 4.2

Released 06-02-2008


  • Improved wireless look-up speeds by 50%.
  • Added SQLCE database support.
  • Added a user configurable database location (storage card, custom folder, etc.).
  • Wireless image transfer now supported.
  • Added advanced calculated functions for strings (Left, Mid, Right).
  • Improved data entry navigation with additional skin controls.
  • Added support for custom validation sounds.
  • Introduced filtering of list contents based on other data.
  • Integrated compatibility with forthcoming TracerPlus Desktop form design tool.
  • Misc. bug fixes.

Version 4.1

Released 08-30-2007


  • Introduced selectable pre-defined data types (General/Number/Date-Time).
  • Added data parsing and concatenations via calculated fields.
  • String calculation support added.
  • Introduced multi-field lookup capabilities.
  • Eliminated hanging connections during sleep mode with Wireless Server stateless connectivity.
  • Introduced Store and Forward wireless queued data functionality.
  • Added ability to update source data via lookups.
  • Added min/max value validation.
  • Added auto-number field type.
  • Introduced consulting services with ability to create additional functionality with custom action triggers.

Version 4.0

Released 01-18-2007


  • Launcher/Home Screen introduced.
  • Introduced customizable Entry Form skin configuration.
  • Added selectable date/time popup.
  • Added customizable date/time formatting.
  • Misc. bug fixes.

Version 3.1

Released 02-12-2006


  • Added wireless network printing.
  • Introduced user login capability.
  • Launched automated batch data transfer with TracerPlus ODBC Link.

Version 3.0

Released 10-30-2005


  • Version jumps to 3.0 to avoid customer confusion with TracerPlus for Palm OS version 2.8 software.
  • Added multi-table lookup functionality.
  • Introduced Calculated fields.
  • Added mobile printing with Print Plug-In.
  • Added support for Windows Mobile 5.0.
  • Added wider device support for Windows CE.Net.
  • Existing feature enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Added support for batch transfer of signature files.

Version 1.6

Released 06-07-2005


  • Wireless support introduced with Wireless Plug-in.
  • Introduced wireless data exchange with release of TracerPlus Wireless Server.

Version 1.5

Released 02-05-2005


  • Multiple Session functionality added.

TracerPlus for Windows Mobile and Windows CE 1.0 Launched

Released 07-20-2004

INITIAL RELEASE: Features included, but not limited to:

  • ADOCE database.
  • Custom form configuration on Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices.
  • 10 customizable data fields for Standard version, 50 fields for Professional.
  • Text, Checkbox, Dropdown, and Variable field types.
  • Record capacity of approximately 20k.
  • Integrated validation and after scan settings.
  • Data import and export via text files.