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Welcome to the TracerPlus Mobile Software Solution Finder, an online repository of free pre-configured mobile software applications. Mobile applications including asset management and inventory management are free to use, just import them into TracerPlus Desktop and deploy.

These mobile solutions can serve as a time saving starting point for your own custom applications. With a wide selection of programs ranging from inventory to event tracking, these solutions are the fastest way to reduce development time and start gathering data.

If you don't see a category that fits your needs, let us know.

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RFID physical inventory application for Windows Mobile/CE

Quickly perform a physical inventory using RFID.

RFID asset tracking and audit form

Quickly scan all RFID tags in a given location.

RFIDasset tracking and audit form

Scan all assets in a location with the press of a trigger - For Zebra 9190z, 3190z, MC67, or RFD8500 RFID devices.

Medical equipment tracking form

Check In / Check Out Application for medical equipment.

Event Attendance tracking with barcode scanning and email.

Event attendance tracking and verification with an Email report of all attendees

Multi-Tag RFID Scanner/Counter

Sample RFID form for quickly counting EPC Gen 2 tags

Screen shot of the RFID scanning in action

Mobile RFID.. the only technology fast enough to track your UFO sightings.

Package Delivery Form

Make note of when a package is delivered and send an email and SMS when it isn't.

RFID Geiger locator

Find RFID tags using a Geiger-like location feature and keep track of inventory

RFID Tag Writer

Read and write data to an RFID tag

Mutli-Tag Geiger Counter

Search for one RFID tag or many tags at one time