Advanced Inventory

Description: Handle all your inventory needs in one app.

Advanced Inventory

Take care of your day to day inventory tasks with this advanced inventory app for TracerPlus on Windows Mobile/CE. Choose to pick or return inventory, move inventory, or receive new stock. Each session is tailored for each inventory task, so that you can get your work done with ease and efficiency. Use barcode scanning technology to make your inventory work even faster and smoother. It's all built in to TracerPlus for Windows Mobile/CE. The only thing you need to do is import a list of employees so that the app can validate that they are indeed authorized to handle your important inventory, safely. With TracerPlus Connect, that's easier than ever; just sync that information from your backend database, whether it's ODBC compliant, an Excel sheet, or just a plain text file. Or, if you prefer, turn off employee validation. With TracerPlus Desktop, that's easy too.

This app is optimized for Windows Mobile/CE devices. You can easily customize it to your needs, including screen resolution, with TracerPlus Desktop.

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Inventory Management

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June 30, 2014



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Deploying a TracerPlus Desktop project from the Solution Center

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